Within 48 hours we had a very clean full price offer.

Over the past few years we had listed our Solar Parkway condo with a few local agencies and were unsuccessful. With poor market conditions surrounding us, we decided to rent the unit out for multiple years. Recently we decided it was time to try and sell again. We reached out to Kim and Brian after we noticed they sold the previous 2 condo’s in our association. I can’t say enough. We put it simple in our first meeting with them. “Tell us what we need to do inside and out of our unit to sell fast and at what price point.” Within 2 days we had a small list of items to take action on and a fair starting price to list. They also provided a list of VIP vendors that we decided to pursue and they did a great job at very fair prices. With the place looking the best it’s ever been, we were ready to go live. Within 48 hours we had a very clean full price offer. Again, I could go on and on but in the end they did exactly what we asked, they listened to us and they brought clients to us. Lastly, we live 2 hours away and they couldn’t have made this any easier. Thanks Kim and Brian.

— Cindy and Greg Funke